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Welcome to TPI Club


The Club of Investors.

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CEO Hans Dieter Karwath



I hope you find the information you are looking for, or even those that you would have never expected. Thank you that you consider to get a member of the TPI-Club. Read more

TPI Club – The Chance 2016

• premium refunds
• Member bonus
• Long-term and trustworthy
• No monthly costs
• Daily passive income through membership
• Bonus of all the partners who come through you into the club
You want to earn passively in the wealthiest market in the world, on the stock exchange?
If you answer this question with YES, please click: JOIN NOW

TPI Memberships


All TPI members benefit daily depending on membership of a member bonus.  

The daily bonus is determined by the amount of the membership fee and the percentage of member status.

With our BONUS-CALCULATOR you can easily calculated the bonus and profit of a membership.


8 % + p.a. Net (pro Jahr)

240 Business Days

Plan Terms: 0.45 % DAILY

Payment Days: Monday – Friday

Total Return: 108 % ( 8 % Net )

Membership fee:

US$ 100 – US$ 1,000

44 % + p.a. Net (pro Jahr)

240 Business Days

Plan Terms: 0.6 % DAILY

Payment Days: Monday – Friday

Total Return: 144 % ( 44 % Net )

Membership fee:

US$ 1,100 – US$ 10,000

92 % + p.a. Net (pro Jahr)

240 Business Days

Plan Terms: 0.8 % DAILY

Payment Days: Monday – Friday

Total Return: 192 % ( 92 % Net )

Membership fee:

US$ 11,000 – US$ unlimited

You don´t have an account from a payment processor?

Just click your preferred payment provider and open an account.

Here is an overview of classical forms of investment for comparison:

Fixed deposit account - 10,000 euros - up to 1.61 percent per annum.
Savings Account - 10,000 euros - up 1.4 percent per annum.
Passbook - up to 0.15 percent per annum.

Get Started

How can I get a TPI-Member?
Choose a membership (Business Member, VIP Member or Elite Member) and buy the membership. During the process, the registration will be set automatically and you can afterwards log in as a TPI-Member.

If the membership has expired, then I'm no longer a member?
You are still TPI-Member and can login. The period relates only to the member's bonus. You can still recommend us and earn commissions. Of course you can also buy a new Membership-Package and benefit from the bonus again.

Why TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED offer less interest than many other competitors?
TPI invested the membership fees in different asset classes in the financial market. Most of it is a conservative investment. Only a small part is invested in risk assets that promise higher yields, but also include larger potential losses. Unrealistic income with extortionate interest promises usually go hand in hand with dubious business models as AdShares or Cryptocurrencies which are not traceable.

What is the TPI-Membership-Fee-Guarantee?
With the diversified investment strategy of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED the risks of losses are minimized. Due to market fluctuations, it may happen that the profits are not as high as expected. By of the strict Risk Management of TPI we can guarantee that the TPI members at least always get their bonus in the amount of their membership fee + small extra sum.

Why I can withdraw my bonus only after a certain period?
TPI invest the membership fees and need the time to generate profit from investments. The profits will be used almost exclusively for the Member bonuses.

A powerful Club community makes TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED to a major investor in the financial markets. The concept was developed in order that financially interested retail investors benefit from the advantages of large investments.

The more members TPI Club over time gets, the more profitable the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED act on the financial sector. With a growing number of members the investment assets continuously increases and so much the better TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED can act in the financial market. The most part of the profits will be paid out to the Club members.

Calculate your bonus!


Choose one of the three memberships and enter a amount to calculate your bonus.

Made a decision?

Than return fast to our MEMBERSHIPS and become a member.




I hope you find the information you are looking for, or even those that you would have never expected. Thank you that you consider to get a member of the TPI-Club.

My thanks go to the entire team behind TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Without them the company would not exist in this form.

It was´nt easy many times to implement the ideas, wishes and visions of somebody else. But with a great Teamwork we ultimately accomplished it.

A very special thanks to my wife and family, who experienced at first hand how some days get into nights and some nights get into days.

The idea for the concept of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED I had many years ago.

Now the time is right to realize the concept.

The reason: The market is inundated by providers, making empty promises and disappearing after a short while with the money of their clients, partners or investors.

I invite you to go together on the way into the future of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

With your membership you help to build a solid foundation.

In the late 80s, I worked for an American investment company in Dusseldorf/Germany and learned the mechanisms of the global financial world with all its facets.

Even then, Warren Buffett was with his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in this industry a leading figure for me.

The shares of his in 1956 founded investment pools are the most expensive in the world, with a current price of about $ 200,000.

In 2008, at the age of 46 years, I was in the fortunate position to say goodbye from working life.

The crash in the same year, which started with the bankruptcy of the prestigious Lehman Brothers, inducted a radical changes in the global financial industry.

Despite my "retirement" I followed the financial economy very closely.

After great years of "freedom" with my wonderful wife in a sunny country of my choice, my considerations grew at the turn of the year 2015/16, if I reached everything in my life that I could possibly reach.

As I got in contact with some Refshare Companies and HYIP provider my over years developed idea came in my mind.

I realized with regret that most of the providers does not pursue a plausible business model or a sustained growth of the company.

The only goal is to ripping off the customers, investors, partners or however them call their "investors".

From the dreamy promises of profits the get only quickly nightmarish losses.

The "victims" are often fobbed off by the risk considerations and the general terms and conditions.

Even I experienced painful and witness how perfectly organized companies or their professional managers have literally made a joke of it to steal the money their customers entrusted to them.

Many people get financially ruined. Unfortunately this lousy business practices are difficult to get at, because it is hard or nearly impossible to find out who exactly it is.

Even if this is known, these people are usually in some tropical areas. They are safe before the law and squandering the stolen money.

Here comes another leading figure for me to bear, which is unfortunately gone too soon - Steve Jobs.

Think Different - for future! Take up existing and Improve !!

Ein Slogan welcher durch die eigene Einstellung einen Selbst oder ein Unternehmen maßgeblich

A slogan which lead in own attitudes yourself or a company to success.

I decided in 2015 to implent my experience and skills from my career in finance into a sustainable business model for financially interested people and small investors.

It wanted to do it different than to make the same like most of the dubious companies in the industry. I made countless phone calls, and revived old contacts.

That was followed by countless meetings and discussions with former colleagues, friends and future partners and employees.

On 05.05.2016 it was done - the founding and signing of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED in London, one of the leading financial centers of the world, was accomplished.

With the founding of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED the sustainable concept was put into practice, which sets itself the task that TPI Club members and the company benefit from the advantages of large investors in finance alike.

The values of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED are based on competence, responsibility, sustainability and transparency to work in the matters of our members and to stand out from other companies in this line.

All this and the previously achieved goals make me confident that TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, together with a large number of members, will in the future succeed and grow in the highly competitive markets in which we operate.

With joy and commitment I face the still upcoming challenges for TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT.

I promise that this is only the beginning of that vision.


We will moving mountains and give the lies to the other providers. They will see that it is possible make that working.

I hope you find all important information and interesting facts on our website.

Recent news can also be found in our facebook group "TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT FAN CLUB" -  

If you still have questions about TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED, please contact us.

I look forward to a long and mostly successful collaboration.

Sincerely yours,

Hans Dieter Karwath


Recommend us as TPI-Club-Partner

How TPI-Club-Partner-Program works:
1. You get/are a member of TPI-Club
2. You activate your account in the membership area
3. You will get individual affiliate-link and promotion material
4. For every successful order made via your affiliate-link within 30 days you will get a commission

Up to 15 % commission

For every successful recommend TPI-Membership you earn a percentage of the membership fee. The commission will be accounted automatically to your affiliate account in the membership area. You can check your account status every time in the membership area. See the percentage of the commissions in following scale:

Amount of Memberships

Bronze-Partner 1 - 50 Memberships
Silver-Partner 51 - 100 Memberships

Gold-Partner 101 - 500 Memberships

Platin-Partner 501 - 1.500 Memberships

Diamond-Partner 1.501 - 5.000 Memberships

Titan-Partner Ab 5.001 Memberships

Commission of Memberships

Bronze-Partner 3,30 %

Silver-Partner  4,50 %
Gold-Partner 7,00 %

Platin-Partner 10,00 %

Diamond-Partner  12,50 %
Titan-Partner 15,00 %


TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED, in the City of London based, was founded by Hans-Dieter Karwath. The business alignment is focused to the current and future challenges in the global financial environment, to provide financially interested people the benefits of major investors.

As a result, the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED set itself apart from its competitors significantly. The company sees itself as a professional service provider and confidant of its club members, whereby the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED goes beyond the classic services in the financial sector.

The company philosophy is based on a lean and flexible corporate structure for greatest possible cost efficiency, continuous growth and expansion in all economic situations. With self-developed strategic, financial and operational principles, the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED is perfectly positioned against all economic fluctuations.

In addition, creating sustainable value is one of the key corporate principles. Thereby the company's profitability is given preference is given over company size. The self-imposed claims of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED serve for the benefit of our club members. The satisfaction of Club members is another basis of TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED. The commitment is not to merely provide the club members satisfied, but to exceed the expectations of the club members.


Major investors benefit against small investors in numerous advantages, which affect the profitability of an investment significantly. TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED has therefore set itself the goal to overturn this inequality of investment possibilities.

This can only be achieved through a powerful community of numerous financial interested retail investors. Therefore the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED has developed the TPI Club in which the Club members provide through their membership fees an immense investment capital to TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED. The Club members will benefit in turn from the daily bonuses of their membership.

The more members TPI Club over time gets, the more profitable the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED act on the financial sector. With a growing number of members the investment assets continuously increases and so much the better TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED can act in the financial market. The most part of the profits will be paid out to the Club members.

To ensure the highest protection of the investments, the TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED is invested in many countries and different sectors. This makes fast, flexible and strategic shifts of the investments possible. An Overview over the investments of der TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED you will find below.

TPI Investments by areas




TPI Investments by sectors






Can anyone from any part of the world become an official member of the TPI-CLUB?
There is no restriction policy applied to membership when it comes to citizenship,
geographical location our any other outside related factor. Any participant from any part of
the world is welcome to join, to benefit our available services.

Are you legit? How can I check this?
TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED is registered in the UK with company number 10163268.
You can check company details on the Companies House website:

How can I become a member?
With the purchase of membership (Business Member, VIP Member or Elite Member) you will be automatically registered. You can login immediately after log in and get access to the member’s area.

What are minimum and maximum for my TPI-Club-Memberships?
You can have unlimited TPI-CLUB-Memberships any amount that’s more than US$ 100. You can´t increase your active deposit but you can have as many deposits as you want at the same time using your account.

What do I get for my membership fee?
As a TPI-Club-Member you get a daily Bonus for 240 business days. Depending on your membership (Business Member, VIP Member or Elite Member) you will receive a daily percentage of your payed Membership from 0,45 to 0,8 %. Every member gets totally in return between 108 % to 192 % per year of the payed membership.

Can I register several accounts at the TPI-Club? Is it allowed to open multiple account?
No. It is not allowed. If anyone try to open multiple account, we will block all of his account. The entire funds will be frozen.

Can I use computer and same IP address to register my friends?
No problem. Your friends can be registered on your computer with same IP address.

Where can I read about your investment proposal and also calculate my profit?
You can check all our bonus plans and calculate your profit in at the main page at “membership” and “bonus-calculator”

When will the daily bonus expensed?
The bonus will be automatically expensed daily at 20:00 London time. Usually within the next 60 minutes.

I registered and do not see the members area. Why?
The member's area is automatically released for you after processing the payment receipt.

Refer a Friend – IT’s a WIN WIN Situation!!


Does TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED pay for attracting new Members to the project?
Yes, TPI CAPITAL FAN CLUB offers one-tier referral program where you can earn extra money in the amount of 3,3 % to 15 % of the active deposit of your direct referral.

Is there any limit in the amounts of the referral commission?
No, there is no limit. Therefore, the more your referrals invest, the more you can earn.

Do I need to invest if I want to start attracting others and earn referral commissions?
Yes, you need to have active investment in order to participate in your affiliate program.
You need to do the minimum invest of US$ 100 if you want to start earning referral commission.

Do you have affiliate program?
Yes, we do. We will pay from 3,3 % to 15 % for every deposit of your referrals depending on their number:BRONZE PARTNER:1-50 Referrals: 3,3 %,SILVER PARTNER:51 – 100 Referrals: 4,5 % ,GOLD PARTNER:101 – 500 Referrals: 7 %,PLATINUM PARTNER:501 – 1,500 Referrals: 10 %, DIAMOND PARTNER: ,501 – 5,000 Referrals: 12,5 % , TITANIUM PARTNER: 5,001 - and more (unlimited): 15 %

How can I view the total number of referrals I have?
Sign in to your account and got to “Account” than to “Affiliate” section. You will find everything related to your referrals there.

Where can I find my referral link and advertising banners?
You can find your referral link in your Affiliate account. Please log in and go to “account” than to “Affiliate” and click “affiliate links” in the submenu, you can also find our banners there.

Are there any deposit or withdrawal fees?
Yes, we charge a payout fee. However, only the actual transaction fees of your preferred payment processor are deducted. Please refer to the respective price list for your payment provider.

Can I withdraw to a different processor from the one I used to buy my TPI Club Membership?
No, you cannot. You must withdraw to the same processor you made the purchase.

What’s your minimum affiliate payout, maximum payout and minimum deposit?
Minimum cash out is US$ 20 and maximum daily cash out is US$ 1,000. Larger withdrawal request are always processed within 24 – 48 business hours. While minimum membership fee is US$ 100.

Do you offer refund?
Absolutely not. When you purchase ad position(s) you are purchasing a Membership at TPI-CLUB.

Your purchase of a MEMBERSHIP in TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED is not investments or deposits of any kind. The earnings is only a bonus. You agree to these rules when you register with our program, if you do not agree with them please do not join or make any purchase at TPI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

Do I have to pay taxes for the Member-Bonus?
Depending on the country and tax allowance the bonus must be taxed. Please ask your tax advisor for your personlal issue.

How can I contact you in case I run into any problems?
You can contact us through 24/7 feedback form in your account and by sending us an email. We will promptly respond to any problems.

Warnings and hints for our investors:
Keep your password secure. Keep in mind that you are personally responsible for non-disclosure of your user name and password to the third parties. Write down or keep in mind your account login. You should create strong password for your email box. It must be different from account password. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact our support.